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Some of our best book projects

A Chardonnay a Day: Vignettes That Bring Cheer

by Maggie McCann Pike

A collection of uplifting, humorous, and touching personal narratives that will bring you cheer, muc... More


by Kat Frost

Life for twelve-year-old Alex has always been black and white: life, death; good, evil; tangible, in... More

The Sealed Chink

by Kat Frost

Miranda Castor lives a normal weird life in New York City; but all that changes when she walks into ... More

The Wolf's Moon

by Patrick Jones

Mark Lansdowne, whose friendly exterior masks a history of covert missions and lethal violence, is s... More


by Nikki Young

A ghost comes to Jake for help to stop the man who murdered her from striking again. The only proble... More


by Elizabeth Daugherty

Bella never knew her father, but his secret is about to become her legacy. The series follows the a... More

A Journey of Faith

by Ann Harrison

Becca Martin witnesses a terrible incident as a child out on her favorite climbing spot, which has c... More

The Chronicles of Almorthea

by Sam Bartholomew

The use of mana has been restricted to state-appointed personnel, and the people of Almorthea have s... More

Figuring Out Forgiveness

by Kim Corder

This book is a personal journey of forgiveness that will encourage and inspire the brokenhearted to ... More

Queen's Grace

by Bethany Brown

Triana escapes a life of abuse and a future of slavery and is happy to be befriended by a group of r... More

The House of Blue

by Valentina Sarno

It's a book set in a dreamy Norway, about a house where various friends live and/or come and go... More

Boy Soldier

by Marcus Mcgerw

The energy that brings life to this book comes from a present day Soldier fighting America's wa... More

Stories outside the box

by Ann Harrison

A little book filled with magic, ferries, an angel or two, and even a bit of mystery. Fly away on th... More

Hooks & Eyes

by Val McBeath

A young widow. An ambitious businessman. A life built on a promise. Compelled to leave her rural ... More

Redeemed From the Ashes

by Leah Lindeman

Evelyn loses her husband to the Halifax Explosion and searches for him; but as time passes and his e... More


by Allison Marie Conway

I believe there is an inspired, creative energy that reaches for all of us in the hopes that we will... More

Wisps of Gold

by Leah Lindeman

Waiting on the Outside

by Sharron Grodzinsky

There are 2.4 million people incarcerated in the US today. What would you do if your loved one was o... More

Condemned by Fate

by Val McBeath

A Love Story. A Foul Conspiracy. A Future of Unintended Consequences. In the summer of 1839, whe... More

The King of Average

by Gary Schwartz

Named one of Kirkus Reviews best books of 2016, Gary Schwartz’s heartfelt, hilarious, pun-fill... More

Beyond Average

by Gary Schwartz

James returns to the Realm of Possibilities and confronts a powerful witch who controls people by fe... More


by Myriam Warren

Twenty-Four Hours of Midnight

by Myriam Warren

Praetorian Rising

by Jessica McSpadden

Camille Scipio harbors a dangerous past, most of which she can’t remember. Suffering from a... More

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