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Praetorian Rising

by Jessica McSpadden

Camille Scipio harbors a dangerous past, most of which she can’t remember. Suffering from acute amnesia, Camille Scipio wakes in Sierra Village, a small Village in the Kingdom of Aspera filled with questions about her identity. After a Chimera attacks her home, her world implodes when she discovers what she is; a Praetorian, a genetically engineered warrior created to protect the Asperian Kingdom. Shock lets loose a mountain of memories and Camille struggles to maintain her sanity as Vesyon Vestra, a Praetorian protector, and Leo Shaehy, a fellow Praetorian, enlist her to help gain victory in an ongoing rebellion against the oppression of High King LeMarc. Camille’s struggles with the onslaught of memories knowing the horror of her past will see the light again. Confronted with losing her internal battle to the demons she harbors, Camille must make a choice to fight in the growing rebellion or run to save herself before she succumbs to the monster within.

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