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About me

I'm a freelance editor serving primarily independent and self-published authors, hybrid authors, and traditionally published authors.

Anne Victory (Victory Editing)



Line Editing
Writing a great story is only the first step. I can help ensure your book is ready for publication and that you make a great first impression on new readers while keeping existing fans happy. Read more at my website.

$0.020 for each word (ballpark)

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We can provide a fresh set of eyes on your project and get you one step closer to the quality read you strive to give your readers. Read more at my website.

$0.005 for each word (ballpark)

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Oops Detection (Final Pass / Cold Read)
Worried about typos that might have slipped through? Did you just get your rights back and want a final pass, or was your book OCR scanned (horrors!) Have us do a cold read to catch any lingering issues. You can find more information at my website.

$0.002 for each word. Oops Detection is a reading fee plus a per "oops" fee. Most books fall in the average of .00125 to .0025 per word though.

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