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About me

I am a professional Graphic Designer with over 30 years experience. I will design and produce a book cover, front, back, and spine, from beginning to finished printing PDF, working with your ideas or conceiving and presenting a few ideas for you.

Chris Dec (Chris Dec)



Simple Basic Cover
A simple book cover, no photos or illustrations, background color, your preferred type style, layout and design of front cover, back cover, and spine, with final pdf for printing.

$45.00 for Design and execution of cover in two proofs, with all necessary components of the job: bar code, ISBN number, author photo, final text, etc. sent to me at the start. This represents about an hour's work.

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Full treatment book cover
A fabulous cover can sell a book! A all-out grabber with full design treatment: photo illustration / montage. From your original ideas, or working together. Front, back and spine. Your unique cover!

$220.00 for 5 hours. Text, ISBN, dimensions must be provided before design is begun. I will look through stock photos with you for image. Includes 2 proofs, finished PDF, jpg image of front for use selling epub books. Fees for stock photo licenses are not included.

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Photo work
If you want your author photo improved, I smooth, enhance, colorize, perfect your image. From softening crows feet & shadows and removing weird clothing details, to a full makeup treatment, you will still look like you, but polished! A black & white photo becomes alive with natural color... totally realistic, right down to the exact shade of your baby blues. I can send you BEFORE and AFTER sample images of past work, in addition to those on my web site... at no charge to you.

$45.00 for One hour of photo enhancement. Most times, no more than an hour is necessary to do all the desired corrections.

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Photo Illustration
The amount of drama in a photograph can be increased a hundred percent by my creating a stunning photo illustration from the original. A photo can be represented as a painting, pastel, watercolor, or drawing. These unique works of art have been proven to create book covers with great emotional pull. Examples can be found on my web site.

$100.00 for 2 hours work. You provide the photo, or we find an image from stock photos. This price does not include license fee for stock image.

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