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I'm a 16yr Active Army Staff Sergeant and I have recently fell in love with writing. I have a lot of wonderful ideas and I can't wait to share them with the world. Currently I'm working on a book titled "Boy Soldier" and it is a fictional Autobiography. I have high aspirations about it and I think this is the right direction to move forward in.

Marcus Mcgerw

Boy Soldier: Warlords

The energy that brings life to this book comes from a present day Soldier fighting America's war on terror. For many years, growing up as a small kid in Alabama, he always fantasized about becoming a warrior. Fast forward to present day and he has been numerous combat environments with outcomes that have created a very different reality than how most might see it. Imagine being an eight year old kid that grew up to the slogan "Be all that you can be, in the Army" and imagine the wonder or excitement, possibly terror, that this might allude to. The writer creates a very vivid painting of the happiest moments and darkest catacombs on the same canvas invoking twisting emotions throughout this read. This will no doubt tug a many a persons heartstrings at some points and very well so may outrage others, whish is what makes this book a sheer delight.

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