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I was born in Rome, by chance, but grew up in New Zealand, Venezuela, Peru, Italy, The Philippines. Then I continued to move, move, move, throughout Italy, Spain, England. Now I live in England, a beautiful area, but we're already planning to move on soon. I have always written,. I used to be very good at it, but needed the money so translated for twenty odd years instead, including a few books, which was my primary aim. I wrote my latest book spurred on by Nanowrimo, and although it is a ghost/dream book, it pretty much summed up the way I wished my future was. I still feel the need to review it, but I have to move onto my new book, which is a proper autobiography. I live with my illustrator/concept artist husband, 2 grown sons, a smaller daughter, 2 birds, a great big dog and a cat and a kitten in pretty Derbyshire.

Valentina Sarno

The House of Blue: A dream story

It's a book set in a dreamy Norway, about a house where various friends live and/or come and go.

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